The Mystery behind Wim Hof Method


You are in the right place if you are looking for what all the hoopla about Wim Hof Method is. Wim Hof is the name of a person from Netherlands, and he is widely known as ice-man, because of his ability to withstand in freezing conditions. He holds more than 20 world records to date. He had demonstrated extreme breathing control skills which cannot even be imagined by rational human beings. He was able to achieve this feat by controlling his breath through meditation. This method is now called as wim hof method and many people have started to learn this technique to monitor their breath. There are more reports on wim hof method and its benefits at for your information.

Wim Hof Method Explained

· It has been identified after many types of research that Wim Hof could achieve these feats by controlling his breath through great meditation, but it is not so easy to monitor your breath for a long time. An active and physically fit person could be able to control his breath for about 2 minutes maximum, but Wim Hof can control his breath for about 6 minutes in frigid conditions.

· This incredible talent has mesmerized many scientists to do research on Wim Hof, to find out how he could control his breath for such a long time and what is exactly happening in his body while doing these kinds of tricks.

· The method used by Wim Hof to control his entire body and breath is the latest trend now and going viral on social media. He himself started many coaching classes for people who wanted to know about his unique method. He is continuously traveling around the world and giving training to many people about this wonderful technique.

Training Method Explained

· It is noticed that the minimum training period is around 10 weeks to have some control on your breath. Keep in mind that it is impossible to achieve Wim Hof feat immediately after the training period, but you can be able to achieve the feat to some extent.

· The ten weeks training period has ten levels. Before starting actual training, you will be informed about the complete course details, especially about breathing techniques and they will make you fit physically and mentally, for the training.

· You will be moving to the next stage after every week of training. It will become tougher week by week, but you will be allowed to move to the next stage only if you are fit mentally and physically. You can stay on the same stage again to make yourself comfortable to move to the next level.

· You can definitely feel something starting to happen inside your body after you reach some levels of training. You will feel so light and powerful. You will become a mentally and physically strong person once you finish your entire training period.

How this training will help you to prevent almost all kinds of diseases is that when you start doing a deep breath, your body cells will fill with oxygen.